Selecting a major is difficult. Let's not make it any harder.

With The Major Key, you’ll never again have to make your prospective students wander through the wilderness of your course catalogue. You can offer them an intuitive search tool that speaks their language.

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"I just returned from three college fairs and my favorite conversation with students was focused on the Majors Microsite. Since so many students are uncertain of what they want to study, discussing this exploration tool with them helps me explain that most students are 'undecided' as they enter college and that UGA has a wealth of different academic options for them to explore. The students leave with an action plan to explore the site and continued engagement on our website that will help keep UGA in their frame of reference."
Nancy G. McDuff
Associate Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management
The University of Georgia



We'll give you full access to the system (CMS), hosting and analytics. Load in your course offerings yourself with our simple content manager. This is perfect for the campus that's DIY, well-staffed or has that perfect intern.


We do it all. We'll take your course catalogue, enter it into the system, keyword it, match the site to your brand standards and push it live. When we're done, we'll give you full access so you have total control.


We do it all and then some. We'll mine your current communications for student, alumni and faculty profiles, analyze the usage data and make recommendations. Want a custom element? Go platinum.